"Reka has done an excellent job at Shapr3D. Her incredible creativity helped us elevate our voice and tone to the next level. She continuously impressed us with her brilliant copy that was always spot on, sending the right message with the right tone. It was incredible to see how much attention she gave to the details, to the little nuances that differentiates great copy from the good."

- Istvan Csanady, Founder + CEO

With the brand voice nailed down and signed off on, we rebuilt the entire website from square one. Each word and headline was rewritten to give Shapr3D.com an easy confidence.

In the process, we got pretty cozy with the team so our work spilled over to other content realms. The long-term collaboration included multiple release video concepts and scripts, and even a few cheeky IG concepts like 'Question of the week,' to increase engagement.

Engineered entertainment

We had to figure out how to make a pretty complex topic like
CAD modeling understandable - even entertaining - for iPad users.

The Mouse + Keyboard release video co-created with Bence, Shapr3D’s
awesome video guy hit the mark.

I mean, how often do you get comments like this on a release feature?

A full scorched earth rebrand

The 2D drawings release feature took a more serious approach - here’s what a video
produced in Los Angeles, shot in South Africa, and edited in Budapest in 3 weeks looks like:

The happiness was mutual for this collaboration:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Reka at Shapr3D where she has contributed to the company in many ways that go beyond her job title of copywriter. Her copy editing is amazing; she has a way of improving the copy on articles while amplifying the unique voice of the writer. Beyond the copy editing, Reka managed to capture the voice of the company by creating a voice and tone guide, she provides great input on content strategy and most of all, her work ethic and attitude make her a highly respected and valued teammate."

Ron Close, VP Marketing