R For Copy

Big ideas and big copy,
for fun people

Because words are slippery little buggers.

One minute, they're basically writing themselves. You're a firehose of ideas - the words just keep coming. Move over Ogilvy, the muse has blessed another today!

And then the questions start sneaking in

If I take all the vowels out of the name, will it sound cooler?

This pun is different.
This pun works

Is this out of the box?!

Or out-of-line?

Or just out-of-touch?

Is anyone actually here for this?

I want to sound like Apple. Does this sound like Apple?

Stop the madness. 

Find that inimitable big idea behind your stuff. Then write the copy - for your website, IG captions, window display, nutrition facts, neck tattoo, or wherever you're selling - with words that actually sound like you.

Get yourself a copywriter that does both.

I'm here to make space for that sweet spot between a brilliantly clear message and effortless expression. I'm also here to get people lining up around the block to get a sniff of what you're stepping in along the way.

My copy has been around some pretty nice blocks itself. Like across a bunch of billboards on SF's Van Ness Avenue. Or in the metaverse, on the world's first tattoo NFT. It goes without saying, we're location independent and we like to mix it up at this establishment 🤠. 

Some final notes:

Hi, I'm Reka. I find it so refreshing when there are more important things to talk about than first names. 

Welcome to Smells Like Copy. What'll it be today?

let's get to work

smell it