When the power couple behind Rare Media needed help producing video content for spiritual superheroes Deepak Chopra, Mastin Kipp, and others, I took the opportunity to create repeatable production processes for their work.

Startup sound off. 

The world's first tattoo NFT.

From Panasonic to Logitech to NASA, Humbleteam has rubbed shoulders with their fair share of prestigious clients. Meet them.

GE Healthcare's startup accelerator supports hundreds of European teams together with the EU's health innovation arm. 


The Apple Editors' Choice CAD software gets a voice.

GE Healthcare's
Health Venture Lab

Forbes +
Startup Hungary



Rare Media

Heineken presents:
Generation Gold

A content series for young adults, by old adults.

Robert Capa by AI

The human eye vs. AI

The Loot presents:
Send Her Back

Hijacking alt-right rhetoric to decolonize museums.


We broke the algorithm from the inside.