"Reka is one of those rare "multi-tool" collaborators who can do anything well and with great precision and excellent communication. She was responsible for keeping us on track, on schedule and in good standing with our clients and staff through dozens of film and video productions. More than anything, Reka just made things "easy!" Can't recommend her enough."

- Akira Chan, Co-founder,
Executive Producer

Powur to the people

Powur is a California-based company empowering citizens to take sustainable energy into their own hands - and create 6-figure businesses in the process.

In 6 weeks, we interviewed and edited 7 consultant deep-dives across the US to learn how solar impacted their lives.

Real medicine for the future

If you want to begin questioning what you're doing with your life, watch this series of interviews. The brightest med students from across the states traveled abroad to get hands-on experience in Mexico and Prague. These are their stories.